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Scarlet (11) is a Chinese Shar-Pei from IN that started on a raw food diet 9 years old. 
Hugo is a participant in the Long Living Pets 
Raw Feeding Study.

“Making the switch to raw has vastly improved Scarlet’s coat & skin. Because I control what she eats I was able to eliminate her allergies. For a Shar-Pei, she is super soft so much so that her head feels like crushed velvet. No more funky dog odor like when she was on kibble & is much calmer after switching to raw. 
She is currently 11yrs & keeps up pretty well with my two younger dogs. My vet says that she is in perfect body condition with an excellent range of motion, better than dogs that are half her age & she wishes more people would feed raw. I have also stopped vaccinating & switched to titer testing as well as moved to only natural flea/tick & heartworm prevention.”


Thomas Sandberg

Thomas Sandberg

Shar-Pei  are notorious for suffering from a range of health issues.  Those on kibble that is. I lived with two some years back and I have never seen dogs with so many issues. I knew of course that these are just symptoms of one cause. Lack of nutrients due to a poor (wrong) diet. This was further elevated by prescription drugs and vaccination. I managed to convince my friend to change the diet and within 6 months both dogs were free of all symptoms. These dogs were in a bad shape.

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This is the World’s Longest and Largest Observational Study into raw fed dogs and cats. Thousands of dogs and cats are participating. We will follow these dogs for their entire life and report and document their lifespan and health.

If you feed a raw food diet you are welcome to participate in the study.

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