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How to get your dog or cat started on a raw food diet, a beginner’s guide to raw feeding by Thomas Sandberg ACAN

Raw Feeding Made EASY!

Raw Feeding for Beginners

This eBook will teach you how to start a raw food diet step by step.

There are many good books on raw feeding but some leave you confused and afraid of doing something wrong. 

Raw feeding is not complicated. The challenge for most is to get started. This book will help you with that and also remove the fear of doing something wrong.

Price: $19.00


  • Lifetime support (details in the book)
  • All future updates (free)
  • Cancer prevention protocol (based on 20 years of
    feedback from thousands of dogs and cats)

All proceeds go to support the Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center.  I thank you in advance.

“This book took the fear and confusion out of getting started on a raw food diet. The more I read about it online the more conflicting information I got.”


“We are so happy we found you and your book. It made the transition to raw easy for us after we found out that June had cancer in her mouth.


“Thank you, Thomas, for making this easy for us. We have wanted to switch for quite some time but scared to do something wrong. We also joined your research”


“Thank you, Thomas, for all the support you gave me during this transition to raw. I had tried many times before with no luck. The premade raw did the trick.  ”


Things to expect

on a raw food diet

Why you’ll

love it!


No bad smell

A raw fed dog does not smell. Raw will purge the body of toxins and chemicals found in the skin and fur of kibble fed dogs.


Shiney coats

People will ask what type of shampoo you’re using to get that shiny looking coat. The fur will also appear softer and thicker.


Better muscle tone

Your dog will develop muscles you never saw. It’s also much esier to keep a raw fed dog from gaining weight.


Less poop and less smelly

Lots of owners are surprised how small the poops coming from raw fed dogs are, and also notice they are less smelly.


Cleaner teeth

Tartar does not grow as easy in raw fed dogs due to the low carb content. This also prevents periodontal disease.


Healther immune system

This leads to longer lives and less risk of chronic diseases like cancer. The two most appreciated benefits of raw feeding.


with raw

These are all pets participating in my study

Lucy is an Yorkshire Terrier that started raw seven months old. “Lucy always got sick when eating kibbles. So, when she was seven months old, I decided to change her diet and go with a raw food diet. She turned into another dog. No more vomiting, no more diarrhea and much more willingness to play and run. Her hair also changed and she gained weight.”

Lucy, born 2014, switched to a raw food diet at 7 months old

Laylah is a two year old Miniature Dachshund. “I started Laylah on raw food because she was experiencing many allergy symptoms. I started her on raw six months ago and she has improved remarkably. No more itchy dull skin and coat, nor yeasty ears. She has a higher energy level and looks beautiful. I feed prey model raw with variety; her favorites are whole rabbit with fur and duck heads. Feeding raw is the best thing I have done for my dog and wish I had started sooner.

Laylah, born 2013, switched to a raw food diet 1.5 years old

Manchester is a five year old Mastiff that started raw six mths old, after constant battles with diarrhea, even with the highest quality kibble. Our vet had mandated we start over with the puppy vaccinations which we reluctantly followed through with (if only I knew then what I know now) and IMO, as a result, has a suppressed immune system. He has a sensitive digestive system and is also sensitive to yeast and allergies. He has benefited tremendously from a raw diet and I look forward to learning more to optimize his health! I am PROUD to be part of this study!

Manchester, born 2011, switched to raw 10 months old.

Rufus (10) started raw two years old. Rufus is solely fed a raw natural diet. Two years ago he was diagnosed with a tumor; we were advised to have his foreleg amputated and have radiotherapy. We put him on cancer starving diet regime and treated with homoeopathy. To date he still has all four limbs and no signs of tumors.

Rufus, born 2006, switched to a raw food diet 2 years old

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This is the World’s Longest and Largest Observational Study into raw fed dogs and cats. Thousands of dogs and cats are participating. We will follow these dogs for their entire life and report and document their lifespan and health.

If you feed a raw food diet you are welcome to participate in the study.

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