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Baldwin (4) is a German Shorthair Pointer from Canada that started on a raw food diet 11 months old. 

Baldwin is a participant in the Long Living Pets Raw Feeding Study.

“We feed a mix of barf patties, and prey model raw. When we got him as a puppy, he had loose stools for a year. We tried a variety of kibbles, with slow transitions. The only kibble that seemed to “work” was a purina gastro food, but I realized it was filled with corn so just masking the problem. Within days of switching to raw, his stools firmed up. His GI tract is super strong, and can handle pretty much anything now. Also his nails started to grow faster, and his coat became softer.”


Thomas Sandberg, CSAN. CCN

Thomas Sandberg, CSAN. CCN

Board Certified Animal Naturopath, researcher, author, animal activist, animal lover.

This is a very common condition for a kibble fed dog. This is in most cases fixed easily by switching to a  raw food diet. If this happens on a raw food diet it can in most cases be regulated with adding a little more bones. In severe cases, until the digestive system becomes adjusted to raw slippery elm can be very effective.