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Thomas SandbergI’m Thomas Sandberg, an Animal Naturopath, researcher and the founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, the world’s largest and longest observational study into the effects of feeding a dog or cat a raw food diet. I’m on a mission to extend the life of dogs and cats and reduce the risk of cancer taking our beloved pets. I’m 17 years into my study and already discovered things that can be applied to help pets live longer and reduce the risk of cancer. I share this in my guide. For any question feel free to contact me, see the link to my website below.

If you have a pet that struggles with a chronic disease, I’m here to help.  I can’t stand it when my own pets are in pain or discomfort so I understand pet owners that deal with issues they cannot control. Unfortunately, pet health care today often makes things worse due to medication, drugs and too much vaccination. The approach of treating the symptoms with medication is NOT addressing the cause. Illness always has a cause, find the cause, address it and the symptoms will disappear leaving you with a healthy pet!

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Thomas Sandberg CSAN, CCN
Long Living Pets Research Projects
Web: longlivingpets.com

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This is the World’s Longest and Largest Observational Study into raw fed dogs and cats. Thousands of dogs and cats are participating. We will follow these dogs for their entire life and report and document their lifespan and health.

If you feed a raw food diet you are welcome to participate in the study.

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Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab CenterLong Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center adopt pets that are scheduled for euthanasia and heal them holistically.

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