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Long Living Pets Fenbendazole Study

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How did you acquire this pet?

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What is involved?


As you may now. I am the founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects. We research and study natural modalities to keep our pets healthy. In 2000 I started a study into longevity and cancer in dogs and cats.  My hypothesis is that diet plays the most important role when it comes to the health of our pets. The environment is an important factor too. The study is a 30-year observational study of raw fed dogs and cats. Over 6000 dogs and 1000 cats are participating. I’m 30 years into the study. It will conclude when I have 10K dogs and 5K cats lifetime cases. Then I will publish a full report of my findings. I track all chronic diseases including cancer and the lifespan of most breeds. I already see some very interesting trends, one being significantly lower incidents of cancer in these raw fed dogs and cats.

I also conduct several side studies testing supplements and other modalities when it comes to cancer prevention and reversal.

Fenbendazole is my latest project.

This is one of the most exciting discoveries I have come across in a long time. I’m particularly impressed with the pathways this product affects. They are all cancer suppressive in powerful ways. Best of all it seems to be of little or no harm to the patient taking this. As an animal naturopath, we pledge to do no harm to our pets and rarely use any type of drugs and medications long term.

Your involvement

One thing I have learned from doing these observational studies is that the less you have to do the more of the participants I retain. Therefore I’m making these easy for all to be a part of.  I’m extremely grateful for your participation. I value feedback from real-life people and pets done in an environment your pet lives in, not an unnatural setting like a lab. Those can be valuable and encourage further research.  What I hope to achieve is to create protocols that everyone can apply to their pets anywhere in the world.

You will get an invitation to join a special group inside my private membership network. This is not on Facebook. I need full control of this study and with Facebook making so many changes and also seem to be monitoring everything I don’t know what the future brings.

I ask you to submit updates on a monthly basis at the beginning or when you experience any changes. You can participate as much as you want and have time for, there is no limit to that. I hope to create a friendly group of likeminded people.  You will be among others using Fenbendazole. I think this can be very supportive and encouraging. I will be active and available too.

Dealing with a pet with cancer can be a horrifying experience, I have been there and I don’t want to be there again. I have dedicated my life to prevent cancer in pets and I’m getting closer. 

There is no cost to participate. The group you are part of is inside my private membership network. This network has a full access fee of $5.00 a month.  We share strategies and modalities that are natural and harmless to our pets. This is a safe place to talk about all modalities and we try to sort out what is working and what is not.   If you want access to the entire network you can always upgrade later. But to be clear, to participate in this study, there is no cost. I will send you an invitation after you have submitted this form.

I thank you again for participating and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

 Be well, be kind, be grateful.

Thomas Sandberg CSAN