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Artemisinin dosage supplementation for dogs


The dosages listed in the table below are for Thomas Sadberg’s clients.

This will help you calculate how much  Artimising to administer to your dog.

The range is from 2mg/lb to 14mg/lb.

It’s important to consult with Thomas Sandberg to determine the appropriate dosage per pound. The amount given will depend on various factors such as the issue being addressed, current dietary habits, medication, and supplements. Each case requires individual consideration when determining the appropriate dosage.

Do not administer this without having consulted with Thomas Sandberg first.

The recommended dosages are based on Artemisia Trinity Worm Wood Extract

How to use the table:

  1. Use the recommended dosage per lbs you worked out with Thomas.
  2. Find the weight of your dogs.
  3. Divide that with 135mg = how many capsules to give. Round off to the closest 1/2 capsule.
  4. Give this amount once a day.

Artemisia Trinity Worm Wood Extract with Bioperine – Made in USA

This is what the calculations are based on. It contains 135mg of Artemisinin per capsule.

Artemisinin, Artemesia Trinity
Dog Dosage Table

Dog Dosage Table (mg)

Weight (lbs) 2mg/lb 4mg/lb 6mg/lb 8mg/lb 10mg/lb 12mg/lb 14mg/lb

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