Winston (3) is a Newfoundland from the UK that started on a raw food diet 1.5 years old.

Hugo is a participant in the Long Living Pets Raw Feeding Study.

“We changed to raw as our dog stopped wanting to eat kibble, he was having runny and smelly poos and didn’t seem to be thriving. We changed to raw including some veggies and the difference in his poos were unbelievable. They were small, firm, not smelly. I was amazed and this was the biggest difference he loves his food now!”


Thomas Sandberg

Thomas Sandberg

Board Certified Animal Naturopath, researcher, author, animal activist, animal lover

I have lost count of how many have contacted me after switching to raw freaking out thinking something is seriously wrong since so little poop is coming out. Raw food contains about 70% water. Therefore raw food will provide the body with water. Kibble robs the body of water. That’s why you see these huge volumes in kibble fed dogs. More comes out than goes in. You will also see raw fed dogs drink much less water for the same reason.